Sinulog Diaries 2016

10:00 AM

Again, I apologize for almost a month late for this to be posted. I finally found time to sort out my Sinulog invasion photo's and video's. Video is quite short because I was too busy partying & pushing through the crowd. Haha! 

But along with the video post, I added in some of my Invasion shots. As you can see, hands and heads are my subjects here (Haha! Darn my short height genes!) I regretted the days I don't jump during New Year's. I practically lifted donatello (dslr) up in the air as much as I could and prayed for good shots. And this what he came up with. 

When I think about it, this is actually my first rave party ever. And it certainly did not disappoint! The south knows how to party! The streets was crowded with Cebuano's & tourists alike all having fun with their friends, getting painted and showered with colored powder (and sticky beer!) 

Set was by Raynor Bruges. They certainly got the crowd all hyped up for the night.

It's been grand Cebu. Thank you for a great start of my year. Viva Pit Senyor! 

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