The Trio Anniversary

10:00 AM

I'd like to think that I'm part weirdo and that's why I get along with these two very well. If you guys remember this post and this post, you'll probably have a decent amount of understanding who these girls are. I've been friends with these two since our frosh days. (Frosh is college unique term for Freshman's.) I've been closest to Rin first and Rianne through the later years. We actually don't know when our trio started. We just decided on a date just so it can be official and we could celebrate it every year.

After our graduation last October, we haven't been seeing each other for a good 2 and a half months (which is eternity in friendship years) And since Rin's dad (Whom we are eternally grateful for) had a free stay in Sofitel, we figured what better way to celebrate our anniversary & our reunion than to have a sleep over and create a crazy music video *hides in shame*

I apologize if this is a month late. I got stuck in Cebu without decent wifi for weeks that I haven't updated the blog in January. But it's better late than never!

Look at me trying to make this as natural as possible. Not even at all! Haha. This was my first cheese burger in months. I haven't had mcdonald's for so long and the first bite was so satisfying. 

Pre-swim photo-op.


There's this part in the pool area in Sofitel that there are beds to lay down on and your view is the ocean and the harbor in front of you. After we took what we thought was the coldest swim ever (Seriously, Sofitel! Tone down the temp on the pool will ya? Rin was shivering!) We dried up while we watched the sunset. Such a breathtaking view! It was one for the books. SM MOA even had their weekly fireworks show and we luckily get to watch it at our area. (See video above) Talk about luck! 

The gradient skies on this one. So gorgeous. 

And ofcourse, a celebration isn't a celebration without three cheese pizza! 


And, no we weren't on our phone's 24/7. We pledged to keep them away from our sight when the night came. For 2 and a half months we sure did bulk up on some stories and caught up on a lot of things. While we planned for this night, our battlecry was always" We are strong." or "I'll tell you guys on the 15th." and that we did! From life updates on babies, to families, hobbies, friends & more. Rin even lost her voice along the way! That's how long we've been talking and catching up.

I took this early morning the next day after my morning bathroom run. I obviously took center and prayed the entire night hoping I won't fall in between beds. How did I sleep with half sheets in between? You'll never know. Thankfully our resident sheet stealer (Hi, Rianne.) shared a decent amount of sheets on her side and I wasn't left cold as to our last sleepover.

 Photo says it all. Here's to our official 1 year anniversary girls! 

Also, January was definitely a good warm up month. 

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