About Mocha

Mocha Chavez (n.) 20 year old lioness; Daughter of the Sun; Life Lover

If it isn't obvious, yes, I do love coffee (I take mine in black please!). But my name wasn't formed just because of my love for caffeine. It's actually from the first letters of my first & last name (I have 3 names, btw. Not plan on telling you guys because I refuse to get teased. HAHA!) So it's basically from: Monica Chavez. 

I'm a daughter of the sun. Because mornings & sunshine are my source of energy. I recently learned that there's an actual word for that and it's called heliophelia (n. a desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight.) I rest my case. I'm a life-lover! Yes! I live for positivity and optimism. I'm your walking ball of happiness all over. Albeit, I do get my days sometimes. But who doesn't right? And when I do get my days, I love staying in bed, comfy in my comforters reading a good book or a magazine, and a cup of coffee (or tea!) with my hair all up in a messy bun. Oh and even if I have this huge love with the sun, I love rains & the night too. (And dusk.. and dawn and.. Gahh! Anytime of the day seems lovely okay! /hides)

I'm a lioness. (Literally!) Born on the 27th of July, '95. I'm a Leo. Which explains my proud, cheerful, bubbly and self-confident personality. And as a Lioness, I'm also a fighter, a dreamer, and goal-getter. And nothing in this world can ever stop me & my passion in life. Hear me roar.

I have this crazy love for fashion, beauty & photography! I took that passion seriously too! I took up Bachelor of Arts Major in Photography in college. I'm a proud graduate of College of St. Benilde School of Design and Arts. I've been published on 1. Manila Bulletin Style Weekend, April 2015 & 2. Candy Magazine (AKA the magazine where my love for fashion photography started), June 2015. All of which you can find on my online portfolio here.

Now, blogging! I've been blog hopping since 2011. From Multiply to blogger to wordpress to tumblr to wordpress (again) and to blogger (yes, again!) And I never succeeded /cries.  I always have a good plan up when I start a blog but I never get the urge to continue. Hopefully! After this nth try! I'll give this thing a go again.

Boy that was long! But that's the gist of it (I think?) The rest of me will be around the blog.

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